About Us


Ladies of Leisure started at a vineyard on Long Island. A few friends were sipping wine coming up with fun and funny wine names they wanted to see and buy, instead of traditional ones they encountered.


The desire was for something more exciting, bold and alive. Ladies of Leisure is just that.


The name Ladies of Leisure- a nod to relaxing summer weekends, is also a challenge to the old paradigm of what it means to be leisurely. Leisure is not about being entitled, spoiled, and lazy, or ignoring responsibilities. It’s about owning your personal time and using it to relax and recharge.



Leisure is often relinquished because of the pervasive beliefs that “busy” and “doing” equal “achieving”. But leisure actually paves the way for clarity, creativity, and fun, the aspects that help us live more successful and fulfilled lives.  

We are about approaching wine and life from both a relaxed and playful place and a bold and expressive place. 


And of course, we’re also about great tasting wine.