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Have Your Cake & Sip It Too! The Best Wine & Cake Pairings to Make Every Celebration Delicious

By Heaven Barlow

The Best Celebration Combo? Wine and Cake of Course!

Celebrate with cake. Celebrate with wine. Put the two together and you’ve got the perfect, birthday, new job, new home, new promotion, new adventure, celebration. Wine and cake is a pairing made in heaven. The sweet taste of cake, the perfect sip of wine, the delight of indulging and treating yourself. The best way to pair cake is based on the boldness of the wine and the richness of the cake. Read on to see our favorite wine and birthday cake pairings.

Chocolate Cake and Red Blends

Photo: Broma Bakery

What pairs better than chocolate cake and red wine? Chocolate cake and a red blend is a delight for your taste buds. Red blends like our Racy Red, made of four varietals steal the show. The rich chocolate brings out the richness of the wine flavors. Our favorite chocolate cakes to pair with a red blend are German chocolate cake, molten chocolate cake, and chocolate mousse cake.

Vanilla Cake and Riesling

Photo: Yahoo Life

Riesling and vanilla cake make a great pairing because the sweetness of the wine brings out the flavors of the vanilla cake. Pair your favorite white cake and vanilla frosting with a cold glass of riesling for a sweet delight.

Funfetti and Sparking Rosé

Photo: The Stay at Home Chef

What’s funner than Funfetti cake? Funfetti pairs well with a bubbly that’s just as fun and can balance each sugar filled bite. The bubbles help cleanse the palette so you can enjoy the whole slice.

Lemon Cake and Sauvignon Blanc

photo: Pretty in Pistachio

Lemon cake with lemon butter frosting has a lightness and freshness that matches pairs well with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. The lightness and delicate flavors of a sauv blanc like Sexy Sauv will bring out the tartness of the lemon cake making both the cake and Sexy Sauv taste even more delicious!

So celebrate, have your cake and drink some wine, too.



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