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How To Unwind From The Chaos

A ( doable! ) Summer Bucket-List

By: Heather Cowan

With summer in full swing, and the chaos ensuing, trying to find simple ways to enjoy our seasonal activities (while trying to stay sane and without trying to spend our entire paycheck) seems like a daunting task. Having summer fun doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive, and best of all it can be relaxing and be done from the comfort of your own home.

Read that book you keep saying you’re going to read

We all have a book that’s just sitting around, waiting to be read. Whether it’s a steamy romance

novel, or a page-turning mystery, find a day or two from your busy schedule and find a comfy

place to sit or lie down and get some reading done.

Sunrise yoga session

Regardless if you’re in a busy city apartment, or out in the country, waking up with the sun in the morning to take some time and center yourself is a relaxing way to start your day. With online yogis posting simple, beginner-friendly yoga flows, it’s never been easier. You can just do it in front of a window, or go out in your yard to gain your energy with the sun rising as you do!

Speaking of sunrises… get up and watch the sunrise!

Yoga not your jam? Just waking up early and enjoying the sunrise is one of the most peaceful

ways to spend your time, and can be a great way to feel ready for whatever else the day might

bring your way!

Make a vision board for your dream vacation

Sure, it might be a little late to go on a whirl-wind vacation of your dreams this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t daydream! Collect images together, which you can do virtually, or by cutting them out of old magazines. Who knows, maybe next summer that vision board might be your reality!

Get into meditation

If you’ve been feeling extra stressed lately, trying meditation might be the idea for you! There

are plenty of guided meditations to find online, all targeting different stressors you could be

facing, such as trouble sleeping, anxiety, or dealing with something personal. Taking a moment

to yourself regularly this summer can be a step into becoming a better, more mindful, you.

Catch up on podcasts your friends keep telling you about

We all have a podcast or two our friends keep going on about, and we keep saying that we’re

going to listen. Well, why not catch up on that true crime case or the story your friend won’t stop telling you is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard?

Miss out on spring cleaning? Do a summer cleaning instead!

Feel like your home still isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be? Still need to dig through your closet

and get rid of some things? A deep clean might be just the thing to do for yourself this summer! Get the nooks and crannies you might not have gotten in a while, and after your work pays off, open some windows in the evening for some summer breezes with a glass of wine in hand.

(Bonus: you can listen to the podcasts while you clean!)

Taking a walk

Okay, so this one technically isn’t at home, but it’s the best way to enjoy the season! Whether

it’s walking through your neighborhood or a nearby park, getting out in the summer sun and air is a perk to the season we all miss the rest of the year.



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