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Sincerely, An Angry Woman in America

Men should not be making laws about women’s bodies when they see it as an inconvenience to actually learn how our bodies work.

By Anonymous

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Being a woman of color in America is already hard enough, with the gender pay gap, the racism, misogyny faced on a day-to-day basis, and the sexual harassment from men and in response being told “get over it boys will be boys”. When I first heard about the possibility of Roe VS. Wade being overturned, I was LIVID, to say the least! I tried talking to my mom and grandma to see if they felt the same, to say I was disappointed was a severe understatement. Instead of them being on the same page, they agreed with the supreme court’s future decision.

Saying disgusting things like “if a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, she should keep her legs closed” or “if a woman gets assaulted and ends up pregnant it is God’s will for her to have that baby”. They are very Pro-Life with a ton of internalized misogyny placing no blame on the men whatsoever but saying all the kids needing to be adopted are other people’s problems. Not considering that most adopted kids get abused as well as sexually assaulted. God forbid I ever tell them about when I was assaulted the first time.

When I was 19, I went on a date with a boy I liked. He tried numerous times to get me to sleep

with him by putting his hand up my skirt or down my shirt while telling me “You’re so beautiful nobody has ever made me feel this horny I want you so bad”. Despite me telling him to stop and that I was uncomfortable he proceeded anyways. It took me yelling at him and pushing him off me to get him to stop and say sorry but still told me anyways that I was hot and he couldn’t help himself. I’ve only told this story to 4 people. Had I not been taught growing up to have internalized misogyny and hate myself maybe I would have reported him. If he managed to get me pregnant, I would have been told: “well maybe don’t wear a skirt and he wouldn’t see it as an invitation”. This is just one instance parents need to step up and teach their sons about consent and how to not be a fucking piece of shit person.

Boys are generally raised with so much slack like being told learning basic life skills is “feminine” leading them to grow up thinking that those basic life skills are for their future wife or girlfriend if they can even find one. Parents are a part of the problem but nobody wants to seem to talk about that. What felt like sword after sword stabbing me was when I saw my ‘friends’ posting about how they were in favor of the overturn!!! No surprise here that a majority were men. I had a friend who favored the overturn said that I and another friend were too consumed in “internet culture” and that women were “too emotional” to make their own decisions. It’s funny that men always say women are too emotional but fail to realize that anger is an emotion too.

More times than not men are the ones throwing tantrums or taking things to the extreme when they get rejected. If men were taught basic human decency like women don’t belong to you or that it’s okay to feel their feelings and how to be emotionally intelligent enough to process them then just maybe the number of violent men would go down. It is fucking annoying how men feel like the world is owed to them. Men should not be making laws about women’s bodies when they see it as an inconvenience to actually learn how our bodies work. For God’s sake, most men think we can hold in our periods the way we can hold in pee.

Anyone who is not a doctor should not be making any type of law about women’s bodies. What people fail to realize is that Roe vs. Wade was an umbrella law that protected so many other things and wasn’t just about abortion. The next to go will be Obergefell vs Hodges, the case that legalized gay marriage. SCOTUS won’t stop at Roe vs Wade and the pro-life movement fails to realize that.

It was never about saving the kids if SCOTUS tells a 13-year-old pregnant child to consider her pregnancy an opportunity. It was never about saving lives if Greg Abbott is willing to let 19 kids and 2 teachers die in the Uvalde massacre while saying “it could have been worse”. The pro-life movement isn’t about saving lives if they aren’t willing to realize that everyone owning a gun is not an answer to all the mass shootings. We are the only country in the world that has this problem. When are people going to realize THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS AREN’T ENOUGH IT IS TIME FOR ACTION.

This country was never the land of the free. It was only land of the free for the wealthy white. What happened between the separation of church and state? They say that taking religion out of schools is oppressing them but what about pushing your religious beliefs on everybody, forcing them to comply. These are the same people saying “the founding fathers would be proud of the direction the country is going” all while forgetting most of the founding fathers were atheists and fleeing Britain from religious persecution.

They love to say “what about the child” until it’s born. For a country forcing women to give birth, they should at least have free healthcare, free childcare, and livable wages. This country is so pitted against each other that instead of acknowledging basic human rights everyone should be granted, they are willing to tear this country apart in the name of “laziness vs hardworking”. Newsflash!!! Wanting basic affordable or free medical care, a living wage and running water are the LEAST the government should be able to provide. THE RICH DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU STOP KISSING THEIR ASSES. This is the beginning of the end of the United States and all the bloodshed will be on SCOTUS’s hands. I hope every pro-lifer who has ever treated women horribly for an unwanted pregnancy are celebrating when the rest of their rights are taken away.


An angry woman in America


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