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Sexy Sauv

Sexy Sauv


Sexy Sauv is about expressing your unique version of sexy. This wine is a reminder that sexy is a state of mind and always available to you in whatever capacity you need it. Dressing up is not required. 💋


This dry wine is clean and crisp, balanced with fresh citrus tones and tantalizing white peach and nectarine aromas. Delicate and satisfying, it builds with each sip. 


Other tasting notes include: feeling yourself, renewed confidence, and a flirtatious spirit. 


Sexy Sauv is made from California grapes 🍇 and is expertly blended by our winemaker in Sonoma, California.

Make Your Voice Heard

We believe in supporting organizations working to create a better society.


You can choose to send 3% of each purchase to one of the selected organizations working in the following areas:

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Equality- The National Women's Law Center

🌎 Environment- The Sierra Club

📚 Education- The National 4-H Council

Make your selection in shop page 🛍.


🍷 Cheers to a good cause of your choosing!


Because $$$ talks! And the more we talk, the better things get.


*LEISURE TIP* Buying bottles in bulk will save you $$ and time.

The shipping cost for 3-6 bottles is only a few dollars more than 1 bottle. The average shipping cost per bottle goes down as additional bottles are purchased.

So buy wine like you're hosting ladies' night every time.

Less hassle more leisure!

Wine for a feelin' yourself state of mind

Wine for a feelin' yourself state of mind

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